Daytona Tarpon Fishing

daytona tarpon fishing

Tarpon are renowned in Daytona Beach for the phenomenal fight that they give anglers. Leaping, jumping, flipping and rolling are their awe-inspiring methods for breaking free from your line – and these fantastic fish are immensely powerful. In Daytona Beach, tarpon are iconic fish and this is one of the best areas to catch them. Interestingly, not many people know that staying inshore – rivers, canals and ocean inlets – will give you the best opportunity to catch these elusive beasts in Daytona Beach.

Tarpon in Daytona Beach are absolutely magnificent fish. With shiny scales covering their bodies and green and blue hues reflecting off their silvery color – tarpon area true sight to behold. These giants can grow over eight feet in length, but those in Daytona Beach are usually between seven and eight feet and weigh as much as 250lbs.

In the Atlantic Ocean, tarpon are common. They are found all along the eastern coast of the United States and we catch them throughout the year in Daytona Beach. Your chances of catching them increase dramatically in winter and spring. Their numbers swell when the northern tarpon migrate south to escape the cold waters.

In Daytona Beach, most of our captains and crews have their own personal tarpon hunting grounds. Many fishing charter operators only focus on catching tarpon and our Daytona Beach crews are highly experienced with catching them. They will help you hook these fantastic fish and share all their secrets with you.

Although all types of fishing equipment can be used to catch tarpon with enormous success, beware of cheap rods and reels. Tarpon in Daytona Beach easily overpower them. All our Daytona Beach fishing charters are private, so we can arrange for light tackle on small boats or we can catch tarpon from any of our larger boats as well.

Frozen bait, artificial bait and lures work well for catching tarpon in Daytona Beach. However, we prefer using live bait. Live pilchards, shrimps and crabs provide you with your best chance of catching tarpon. It is pricier and gets stolen by other fish, but we know the benefits of using it for tarpon.

Contact us to book your Daytona Beach Tarpon Fishing Charter and test your strength against these fish.