Daytona Swordfish Fishing

daytona swordfish fishingWe strongly recommend the experience of targeting swordfish on our Daytona Beach fishing charters. These fish provide anglers with some of the most exhilarating, challenging and powerful adventures of the sea. Swordfish are found far offshore in waters ranging between a few hundred feet deep and thousands of feet deep, and these giants will fight you all the way to the surface. It is not uncommon for us to assist Daytona Beach anglers with our electric reels when they have swordfish on their line.

Our Daytona Beach fishing charters catch swordfish while using live squid and we catch them during the day and night. This is the reason why we recommend swordfish charters to those wanting to do some night fishing. We frequently catch these giants weighing anywhere from 200lbs to 500lbs, and we travel into deep waters farther offshore to find them. This means that the boats burn more fuel and have additional costs as opposed to targeting other fish species, and is the reason that swordfish charters are advertised at more expensive rates in Daytona Beach.

Swordfish (or broadbills) are truly amazing creatures. They are easily identified by their long bill or "sword", which is used extremely effectively to slash and kill their prey. People frequently mistake the use of their bill as a spear, which is untrue. Spearing fish would be dangerous for swordfish, as their prey would get stuck there and attract larger predators.

A true taste sensation is guaranteed when you catch a swordfish in Daytona Beach. These delicious fish are best when grilled. Our friendly Daytona Beach fishing crews will clean, fillet and cut them into steaks for you to take home for dinner. Alternatively, we can suggest a number of seafood restaurants in Daytona Beach that you can take your catch to. Their chefs will prepare your swordfish and ensure a real culinary delight – and this will be done at prices far cheaper than any on their menus.

Contact us to book your Daytona Beach Swordfish Fishing Charter and thrill in their immense power.