Daytona Shark Fishing

daytona shark fishingWe are experts at catching sharks in Daytona Beach, which is known to have some of the best shark fishing in Florida. There is no feeling that can compare with wrestling the monster at the top of the oceanic food chain, and this is the reason why fishing for sharks is one of the most popular activities in Daytona Beach.

There are numerous sharks swimming in the waters off the coast of Daytona Beach. Hammerhead sharks, bull sharks and mako sharks are the most frequently caught, but we can catch other varieties too. We know where they are found and exactly how to catch them. Sharks are a perfect target for any of our Daytona Beach fishing charters because we find them relatively close to shore. Millions of sharks migrate into the area every year, which means they are found in abundance.

Fishing for sharks in Daytona Beach is extremely challenging. Your wits are needed, as well as the correct tackle and equipment. All the boats in our Daytona Beach fishing fleet are outfitted with high quality, tournament grade equipment - so you definitely have the advantage. More importantly, our captains and crews are highly experienced with catching sharks and they will help you to successfully hook some of these fantastic creatures.

If you are serious about catching sharks, then it is important to know a little about them. Here is some information on those most commonly caught - that will help you to catch a shark in Daytona Beach:

Hammerhead Sharks in Daytona Beach

Hammerhead sharks owe their name to their uniquely hammer-shaped heads. These awesome sharks have smaller mouths than other shark varieties and we find them hunting near the ocean floor. This means that we go bottom fishing to catch them. Daytona Beach hammerhead sharks usually weigh a few hundred pounds or more, but they can easily grow into 1 000lbs when adult. Hammerhead sharks hunt alone at night, whereas during the day they prefer the company of others and are found in schools.

Mako Sharks in Daytona Beach

Mako sharks are considered to be one of the fastest sharks in the seas, reaching speeds of 50mph underwater. Fishing for mako sharks is not an easy task because their population is declining steadily. In fact, mako sharks are now a threatened species. It is extremely important to us that these sharks be left in peace to breed and change these horrifying statistics. When we catch a mako shark, we always release it safely and unharmed back into its natural habitat.

Thresher Sharks in Daytona Beach

Thresher sharks have acquired their name due to their long tails resembling a farming device (called a thresher), that is used to separate grain from stalks. Thresher sharks feed on smaller fish such as tuna and mackerel, but we use live squid very effectively to catch them with. When we go searching for thresher sharks, we go farther offshore into deep waters. Ideally, you will find them starting at the drop off into the Gulf Stream and extending into depths around 1 500ft. These sharks are truly impressive, and they are massive. An adult thresher shark can weigh more than a ton, but those we find in Daytona Beach are usually a little smaller than that.

Bull Sharks in Daytona Beach

Honestly,we are not afraid of any sharks in Daytona Beach. However, bull sharks are a different story. Bull sharks have a nasty reputation because they are instinctively highly aggressive. They are also found lurking in shallow waters where people can be found. With an ability to survive in both saltwater and freshwater, bull sharks are attracted to the shore because they feed on birds, turtles, fish and whatever other tasty treats they come across. These gigantic and incredibly powerful sharks are known to travel upstream – via rivers, canals and ocean inlets – in their hunt for prey. They are also extremely territorial and are strictly solitary hunters. Scuba divers in Daytona Beach have recorded the same bull sharks occupying wrecks and reefs for years at a time. Daytona Beach bull sharks generally weigh less than 500lbs, but we have found fully grown adults to far exceed a ton in weight.

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