Daytona Sailfish Fishing

daytona sailfish fishing

Sailfish in Daytona Beach are simply phenomenal animals. Their giant dorsal fins look like the sail from a sailboat, and are the reason why they have been given their name. Sailfish are also indescribably beautiful with their long bodies, huge fins, stunning bills and gorgeous blue, black and silver colors. In Daytona Beach, fishing for sailfish is immensely popular. Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas hold numerous billfish tournaments every year.

Daytona Beach sailfish are fantastically successful hunters. Firstly, they are super fast – reaching speeds nearing 70mph underwater and easily one of the fastest fish in the oceans. Secondly, they are able to change their colors and confuse both prey and predator alike. Thirdly, their enormous fins can be raised and lowered which disorients they prey, and discourages their predators.

Sailfish are also very large, ranging in size with age. They can grow to weigh over 200lbs and measure ten feet in length. We strongly suggest bringing a camera onboard with you on our Daytona Beach sailfish charters. These magnificent creatures are known to leap and jump high out of the water when hooked on your lines. Sailfish also swim in schools, so we frequently have several of them on our lines at one time. This is the moment that clients, captains and crews live for. It is also the reason that Daytona Beach has the reputation for some of the world's best sailfish fishing. Capturing this on camera will give you a lifetime of amazing memories.

Catching sailfish in Daytona Beach is a thrilling experience we highly recommend. One of the reasons for their popularity is the challenge they provide anglers with. These fish are highly intelligent, and they are very aware of the way their natural prey swims in the water. Deceiving sailfish is of paramount importance if you wish to catch them. A captain with vast sailfish experience is essential, and special equipment is also required. We use live bait to catch sailfish, and this is how we do it:

Dredge Fishing in Daytona Beach

The dredge is an umbrella-looking device that can hold multiple baits. We attach live bait to it and troll this through the water. The effect that this creates is of a school of fish swimming by. Sailfish find this irresistible. They will always target a school of fish as opposed to a solitary one, because their chances of a tasty meal are much higher.

Kite Fishing in Daytona Beach

We attach live bait to long lines which we temporarily suspend from a kite, and it is flown behind the boat. The flying kite keeps the bait near the surface of the water. The overall effect of this is that of a fish panicking in the water. Larger predators lurking below, such as the sailfish, find this incredibly exciting. When a sailfish takes the bait, then the line is designed to break free from the kite so that you can reel in your prized catch.

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