Daytona Kingfish Fishing

daytona kingfish fishing

Catching kingfish in Daytona Beach is awesome fun because these fish are immensely fast. Their speed rivals that of wahoo. Kingfish are also caught relatively close to shore, making them a perfect target for our shorter Daytona Beach fishing charters - and they thrive in the waters off the coast of Daytona Beach. Regardless of what length charter you book with us, there is a very good chance that we will catch many kingfish.

Otherwise known as King Mackerel, kingfish range in size from small to medium and weigh anywhere between five and thirty pounds. Kingfish come to the coast of Daytona Beach in summer during their migrations, and we catch them while trolling both live and frozen bait. Kingfish are fantastically intelligent which makes catching them extremely challenging. They are known to bite off the tail ends of your bait, which is why using and rigging the correct kinds of bait is so important. You also need to be aware of what your bait looks like when swimming behind the boat, because kingfish are particular about the way their natural prey moves. All our Daytona Beach fishing captains and crews have mastered these skills as they have been fishing for kingfish throughout their lives.

Daytona Beach kingfish are silver, and they have very scaly bodies. Their meat is considered too oily for most people's tastes and the locals in Daytona Beach do not eat much kingfish. There are some people who eat them with gusto however, and you will need to decide for yourself.

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