Daytona Grouper Fishing

daytona grouper fishing

Grouper in Daytona Beach are extremely powerful, and catching these interesting fish is one of the most popular activities in the Panhandle of Florida. Reeling these beasts in from the depths of the ocean is a challenge beyond compare, and even the strongest anglers are in for a real fight. Our Daytona Beach fishing charters find grouper feeding near the ocean floor, which means that we go bottom fishing to catch them.

Grouper have no teeth lining the inside of their jaws. They use massive tooth plates to crush their prey, suck them and finally swallow them whole. This, along with their stocky bodies and large mouths, makes grouper very easy to identify. There are a variety of grouper in the waters off the coast of Daytona Beach, including the gag grouper and the goliath grouper. We typically catch grouper in Daytona Beach with both frozen bait and live bait, but grouper will eat anything. There have even been reports of grouper fatally attacking people.

Daytona Beach grouper generally weigh less than 100lbs, but they have been documented to grow as large as 500lbs. The best time to catch grouper in Daytona Beach is during the springtime. This is their season for spawning, and anglers cannot resist travelling to the rocks and coral reefs where this occurs. We catch grouper throughout the year and fairly close to shore, but April and May is definitely the most exciting time. Dropping live baits such as pinfish right over wrecks, rocks and reefs is a favorite of ours. We love feeling grouper inhale the bait.

Many Daytona Beach restaurants serve grouper as an entrée. Their flaky white meat is one of the tastiest of all fish. Our personal preference is fried grouper fingers, but they can be grilled and baked with equal deliciousness. Grouper are a delicacy, and there are several top seafood restaurants in Daytona Beach that will be happy to prepare your catch for you – in the best way, and at a set price much cheaper than any dishes offered on their menus.

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